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Here at secret beauty we believe in making you feel beautiful. With our specialised range of equipment we provide a wide range of services to help you look your best. We offer free consultations and are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have prior to booking.


Make up 

We offer a range of permanent make up services. Allow your natural beauty to be enhanced, our permanent make up services range from eyeliner, lip liner and eye brows. Our fully qualified technician will be sure to make you look perfect.

Diode Treatments 

We offer diode laser hair removal treatments. A safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. Services are available to both men and women. Our course of treatments will be sure to leave you with a smooth and summer ready body.

IPL Laser Treatments 

Look and feel younger with our IPL laser treatments. This well practised method will work wonders. Our trained technician will leave you feeling like a new person.

Products suited to your body

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We proudly stock products by Rhonda Allison, the ultimate skincare product to help you look your best naturally.



Speak to your beautician today about the revolitionary facial treatments we have in stock!

Rhonda Allison 

Here at secret beauty we use the facial peel methods developed by Rhonda Allison. Our services cover a wide range of facials and facial peels to leave your skin feeling new and refreshed. The wide range of facial peels will target problem areas and allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Rosacea Peel

Rosacea is a common condition which presents itself as redness in the cheeks, flair ups can be caused by many factors such as weather, food and alcoholic beverages. The roscea peel will improve your skin tone, texture and leave your skin looking hydrated. This safe method will keep your rosacea symptons at bay.

The Wine peel

The apple wine peel is a pure method that gives your skin a natural boost. The peel works by removing surafce skin cells, while infusing it with nutrients leaving the skin feeling hydrated. The apple wine peel is benficial  offering, firming, toning, antioxident and brightening support.

Blemish Control facial

Problem skin will become a thing of the past with the blemish control facial. This facial adds in the much needed nutrients to give your skin boost. This facial will leave your skin feeling and looking clearer.

Lotus Peel

The lotus peel has been developed for sensitive skin types. The lotus peel utilizes the powerful agents of the flower, offering a gentle solution for those with sensitive skin. The lotus peel is sure to leave your skin feeling and looking brighter.

Melanin Lift

The melanin is a classic peel targeted at older skin. The peel aims to correct age associated problem areas such as sun damage, dehydration and dull looking skin. The process improves the overall look of the skin, exfoliating the damaged layers of skin.

Hisbicus Flower Acid peel

This peel uses the natural healing agents of hisbicus, the new technology has harnessed the power of the plant into this radical new treatment. This anti aging treatment leaves skin looking less tired and refreshed.

Baby Boomer Peel

This particular peel aims to target fine lines, coarse textures on the skin, enlarged pores and dull skin. The skin will be exfoliated and left looking brand new. The peel works to make you skin more youthful and even.

Products And Service

We offer a wide range of products to apply to the skin post peel. The products ensure that you recieve the best after effects post peel. Feel free to book in for a consultation to talk about the best possible treatment for your skin.

Before & After

Baby Boomer Peel

Wine Peel

Detox Peel 

Melanin Peel

Discount packages diode laser treatment 

Bikini and underarms £40 discount

Legs and arms or underarms £30 discount

Legs, underarms and arms £70 discount

Legs and breast area £20 discount

Free face treatment, legs and face package


Face Treatments

Cream mask  £5.00
Algae mask  £8.00
Top lifting  £25.00
Golden falls  £25.00
The injection of youth  £25.00
Face massage and algae mask  £18.00
Brightening anti- wrinkle treatment  £15.00
Whitening and reducing hyperpigmentation  £25.00
S.O.S treatment of vascular skin  £25.00
Exfoliation on the basis of mande  £25.00
Exfoliation on the basis of glyco  £25.00
Exfoliation on the face/neck and chest  £36.00

Skin Treatments

Medical acids  £40.00
Skin tag removal from  £30.00
Vein removal 10 mins  £20.00
Needle messotherapy  £45.00
Acne therapy and injection  £80.00
Anti age therapy and injection  £80.00
Pigmentation therapy and injection  £80.00
Ear piercing  £10.00

Face Cleaning

Manual face cleaning  £25.00
Manual face cleaning and algae mask  £30.00
Sonophoresis and microdermabrasion  £45.00
Sono/micro/capsule and mask (face)  £55.00
Microdermabrasion and algae mask (face)  £35.00
Microdermabrasion and exfoliation (face)  £45.00
Microdermabrasion/ capsule and mask  (back)  £45.00
Microdermabrasion and exfoliation (back)  £55.00
Microdermabrasion and radio waves  £65.00
Needle free – mesotherapy  £30.00
Peeling cavitation and LED  £25.00
Iontophoresis  £10.00

Other Treatments

Oxy- brasion (face)  £35.00
Radiowaves (eye area)  £25.00
Radiowaves (face)  £45.00
Radiowaves (upper arm)  £35.00
Radiowaves (thigh)  £45.00
Radiowaves (bottom)  £45.00
Radiowaves (stomach)  £40.00
Sonophoresis (face)  £15.00

Eyebrow And Waxing


Eyebrow shaping  £5.00
Eyebrow tinting  £5.00
Eyelash tinting  £5.00
Eyebrow package (all above) £13.00
Bikini wax  £10 – £30
Back or chest wax from  £20.00
Full face wax  £15.00
Full leg wax (both)  £25.00
1/2 leg wax (both)  £13.00
Full arm (both)  £12.00
Underarm (both)  £10.00
1/2 arm (both)  £7.00
Chin/ lip and eyebrows  £5.00

Permanent Make- up

Eyebrows ombre  £120.00
Eyebrows  £100.00
Lips  £80 – £100
Eyeliner top  £90.00
Eyeliner bottom  £60.00

Diode Laser Treatments

women men
Side whiskers £40.00 £40 – £50
Cheeks £60.00 £60 – £80
Upper lip £40.00 £50.00
Chin £60.00 £70 – £80
Full Face £100.00 £100.00
Neck £40 – £60 £50 – £80
Nape of the neck £30 – £50 £50 – £80
Under arms £60.00 £80.00
Hands N/A £40 – £60
Breast area £30.00 £20 – £50
 Torso N/A £100 – £140
 Full leg

£200 –  £220


Diode Laser Treatments

women men
Torso and back N/A £200 – £240
Buttocks £40 – £80 £60 – £90
Chest N/A £80 – £100


£60 – £80 £80 – £100
Linea alba £30.00 £40 – £50
Inner thigh £40.00 £70.00
Bikini £80.00 N/A
Full bikini £100.00 N/A
Thighs £110 £130 £120- £160
Calfs £100.00 £100 – £140
Feet £20 – £40 £40.00
Full leg and bikini £220 – £260 N/A

Body Treatments

 Exfoliation (back) £40.00
 Perfect breast £28.00
 Ultrasonic liposuction £30.00
 Massage face/neck and chest £10.00
 Body slimming and rejuvenation £35.00
 Parafin wax hands or feet £10.00
Cleaning/ D’aesonval and mask (back) £45.00
Dermo massage anti- cellulite treatment (20 mins) £15.00

IPL Laser Treatments

 Hair removal from £35.00
 Acne treatment £50.00
 Photo – Rejuvenation £50.00
 Pigmentation removal £50.00
 Vein removal £50.00
 Tensioning wrinkles £50.00

Our Happy Customers

Wonderful customer service and great deals. I feel 10 years younger, the technician was wonderful and so helpful. I can wait to come back for my next treatment.


Our Happy Customers

I happened to come across secret beauty on my shopping route, I can honestly say this is the best eyebrow shape I have ever had. Fantastic work I am very pleased with the results.


Our Happy Customers

I was very nervous about my IPL treatment for my vien removal, after talking to the technician I was put at ease. I was more than happy with the treatment. I could see a huge difference after the first session. Needless to say I will be coming back.


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